Musician Guidelines

Remember to bring your Music Stand to all rehearsals!!

Be Prompt. Allow yourself at least ten minutes to unpack your instrument and warm up, so that rehearsals can begin on time, with all musicians present.

Intermission During Rehearsal Refreshments are offered, contributed by orchestra members, on a rotating basis. Our conductor asks that no music be played during our break (whether to warm up, or rehearse individual parts). This is the time to take a quiet breather and socialize with fellow musicians.

Attendance If you expect to be late, or need to miss a rehearsal, please email Should you have to miss a concert, inform the conductor as far in advance as possible, so that a replacement can be found.

Dress Rehearsal Attendance at dress rehearsals is required of all musicians. An occasional exception may be made for a string player, but only with advance approval of our conductor. No exception can be made for woodwind, brass, or percussion players -- those with solo voice parts -- as the balance of each section needs to be evaluated and confirmed on stage of the concert hall.

Concert Dress Men: Tuxedo or dark suit, white shirt, black bow-tie. Black shoes (well shined, please), black socks Women: Black dress or pants. Black shoes and stockings. Avoid glittery jewelry (that reflects stage lighting).